CMP Photography Blog!

This is an idea of what it would look like in public I am happy with this.

Im not so keen on this one as it is I don’t think it says much.

This is another one. I do like this one as it is a bit different 

I am having a bit of a difficult time deciding which image to use so I am putting them up on here to show which ones I would like to choose from.

Even though they are not very clear I saw them approaching in the car and thought I would document them to have a look at how they are laid out and what the content of them are for the Sky one it looks busy but you know that it is representing the Olympics saying that it would be better to watch it on Sky. The other 2 are very simple and people can see the posters and read them quickly. 

This week

All this week I will be going to each of my locations I have got permission already for one of the locations I need to get one more permissions but as people say I am in the middle of no where and have many different locations so I will be doing that all this week and also will be traveling up to london to get some pictures of billboards  

These are my test shots for my billboard project, this was my plan b as my model now can’t make it as she has hurt her foot badly, so I was lucky to have a second idea. I really like this idea as it is funky, quirky and colourful which I think would catch peoples eyes! 

This is on the official skullcandy website and these are famous skaters, Skullcandy seems to be targeting people that love music and sport. These picture are influencing me on how my photo shoot should go.