CMP Photography Blog!

As this was a shoot for an iPad I had a look at a magazine app for the magazine called Time and the whole magazine was on protesting so it has a lot to do with my anger shoot, the photographer ??? went to Egypt to where all the protesting was going on and he asked to take photos of these people in his portable studio and some of them even told him why they did protesting! I really like how easy it was to navigate round this ipad app I think it makes you see a lot more and you can even watch videos and so I watched the video to what this photographer was up to! Really interesting!

I have also looked at National Geographic I bought two of them but I am waiting for them to download. It has amazing photos in there and these two have something to do with animals which I can relate to my animal cruelty!

These are the photos I used for my backdrop, my original idea was to have 6 different things that made me angry and portray them in the photograph with my model posing as if she didn’t care about what she was posing for but really the images behind her are really of how she is feeling, angry and upset. I was put with another girl who truthfully opened my eyes watching her photo shoot on how simple it was she had a theme but used her models in different ways and poses that still kept me intrigued! To me I found this to be a real learning curve for me in a good way. 


Today I went into college to talk to my two tutors saying my concerns about how my projects were going and feel a lot better with what I am supposed to be doing! 

I had my photo shoot on Tuesday just gone, I think that I went over the top with trying to think of an idea in the short time I had as I was shooting in week 2 and made it too complicated for myself and didn’t keep it simple. I choose too many things to concentrate on than just one thing that I could do that was simple but effective! 

I am going to upload the pictures I used as my backdrop in the photo shoot, to be really honest I prefer these images to the one in my photo shoot! 

Check List for Shoot

I want to make a list of the things that I need for my Photo shoot so I am ready:

Make up - Natural Make up

Model - danielle

Fake Fur

Fake blood

Cheap Teddy Bear with I love you on

fake gun

A3 white card board Poster pens

My Bowen Studio Lights

Stool or box for model to sit on

6 things that make people angry

Animal Cruelty - Fake fur with fake blood

Riots - A3 white Cardboard with black pen

War - Fake gun

Tution Fees - Books and Money coming out of the books

Relationships (Cheating) - Cheap teddy bear with “I love you” written on it torn up

Child Abuse - ??? Not too sure about how I can portray this through 1 image

This is a fashion shoot, the photographer is Max Cardelli I really like the way this has been laid out the way you can’t tell in some pictures whether or not it is under water.

This is Jessica Ennis who will be in the Olympics this year the photography is by Yu Tsai (Maire Claire)

These are portrait pictures by a photographer called Jem Mitchell using different singers and actresses. These are mostly in Black and white (InStyle Feb 12)

Photo Shoot InStlye with Skins Actress Freya Mavor

The next layout of images, is of a singer out of girls aloud (InStyle Feb12)