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This is some of my written brain storms and things I would like to find out about certain photographers.

Charites - I like the photo on the Home page

I have found out that all these site don’t really have many pictures the charities that have the most pictures are of homeless and children living in bad conditions and in poverty or that have an illness. - I know I should but I hate looking at this website so I don’t because apart from anything else it scares me know what could happen if I don’t look after myself. I have just read 1 in 4 people with diabetes are most likely to have a major surgery to amputate a limb if regular foot checks are not done. 

All round Project confirmation

1. The Tackle Box

2. 251 Watling Street, Dartford, Kent. 01322 292 400 Kevin

3. Diabetes

Diabetes Ideas

This is my grandad which I took at christmas this photo says a lot to me I thought I would put it in because apart from the fact it is my grandad I like the composition of the photo, it looks like he is comfortable and at peace with his family around him and you ask the question what is he thinking? Plus the oxygen pipe adds to the photo not in a disturbing way but in a way that makes you think oh whats wrong with him, why does he have to have that on him? 

Hi Im new to this! My name is Corinne Peet and I am a student at Ravensbourne College in Greenwich and I am starting on Tumblr to help me in my projects! My first project is Photojournalism :) I guess I should get on with it!