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Photo shoot

I had the photo shoot today and really enjoyed taking pictures of these dismantled cars! Just being close to these cars gives me the creeps it was like a graveyard for cars and just had a very still eery atmosphere about it, wondering why all the cars were here! It was funny guessing the cars I got quite a few right! 

I have really enjoyed this project it really made me think, it was quite a challenge! 

Location of Shoot

I have just rang J.C Autobreakers to find out if they would let me take some photos of the cars that have been dismantled and they said it would be absolutely fine I just have to ask for Keith and I can turn up whenever. So thats good

Here are some more images of the photographer Elle Dunn even though the feeling I get when I look at these photos is scary and eery I really like the way they make me feel.

These photos are by the photographer James Crotty I really like these photos they are simple and effective making you wander what life they had.

I like the image of part of the car they way that you can tell its part of a car but not sure which part.

Photographing dismantled cars

My idea for the uncanny project is photographing dismantled cars because I have a big interest in cars and feel that when I go into a breakers yard you get that eery feeling when you see all the cars that have been dismantled and look like they have been in an accident, I am always wanting to know the story behind each car. I think that I could photography these cars providing I get the permission because i could photograph them in a way that creates a mysterious and spooky feel to the images.